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3 important marketing trends changing the gaming industry

1. Growing adoption of digital distribution With the growing adoption of digital sales and distribution of games, physical game sales are in decline. Improved internet speeds, larger hardware storage capacities, and lower footfall to retail stores are driving even stronger digital sales growth. Smartphones, fast wifi, and faster networks have changed consumer attitudes on accessing and owning […]

Case Study
Case: Facebook Market Chanakya

Case Study: How Regal Entertainment Monetizes Film Content with In-Stream Ads-On Facebook?

Founded in 1962, Regal Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Regal Films), is one of the oldest surviving movie studios in the Philippines. In 2019, they changed their Facebook strategy to emphasize video content and began using existing film content from past productions to create videos that are monetized on Facebook with in-stream ads. Not only did this […]

Consumer behaviour

COVID-19 will permanently change consumer behaviour. Where to from here?

Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the coronavirus pandemic. As drawn-out lockdown orders stay set up the world over – very restricting regular everyday shopper conduct – the worldwide Consumer and Retail divisions are confronting phenomenal difficulties, from creation and gracefully through to conveyance and deals. Access to capital has expanded, in any […]