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Market Chanakya Technology predicts the future of IoT: 10 predictions about the Internet of Things

Here are the 10 points Market Chanakya Technology predicts for IoT

  1. Healthcare services will be more IoT driven
  2. By 2025, 80 per cent of people will prefer to work from home by 2025
  3. By 2025, it is estimated that there will be more than 23 billion IoT devices
  4. Cybercriminals will continue to use IoT devices to facilitate DDoS attacks
  5. More cities will become “smart”
  6. Artificial intelligence will continue to become a bigger thing
  7. 5G’s arrival will also open the door to new privacy and security concerns
  8. 5G Networks will continue to fuel IoT growth
  9. Cars will get even smarter
  10. Security and privacy concerns will drive legislation and regulatory activity

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